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Customer Satisfaction Metrics: From Touchpoints to Journeys
A March 2016 article in McKinsey Insights and Publications addresses an interesting problem about customer satisfaction. I explore a gap in the article's coverage and highlight some interesting results that can be used to better engineer the customer interaction experience.

Reducing Complexity Through Modular Design
How best to carve up a project? How best to arrange software functionality elements to minimize the architectural complexity of the system? Through modeling and simulation we discover a couple of basic and widely applicable principles for reducing product complexity through modular design. (Inspired by Roger Sessions.)

The Gielis Superformula
Generating shapes using a formula discovered by the biologist Johan Gielis. It's claimed that the formula "provides a direct geometrical description and relation between circles and squares, flowers and snowflakes, molecules and space-time, sounds and vision, anything and everything."

Is the Price Right?
How to keep tabs on a system when a number of things are changing all at once? A series of simulations to explore the profit-generating capabilities of a subscription business.

Learning from Small Samples
Sometimes there's not enough data and a great deal of uncertainty. Shifting one's perspective and focusing on reducing certainty can help. But it can also lead to a paradox.

Simulation: Whatever Is It Good For?
The reasons that make simulation the swiss army knife of data analysis.

Shining Light Into Liquids
The Beer-Lambert equation describes how the intensity of light is attenuated when it travels through a liquid. Without knowing too much about the equation or the way in which light behaves when it passes through various kinds of materials, we can use visualization to understand and take action.

Who's Interested in Benchmarks?
Using data from Capers Jones, here's an analysis of what CEOs want to see in IT benchmarks that CIOs don't, and vice versa. Many other roles such as CTO, project manager, head of IT (to name a few) also make an appearance.

Struck By Lightning on Consecutive Days!
In his book The Better Angels of Our Nature, Steven Pinker poses a problem which underscores how counter-intuitive probabilities can sometimes be. By simulating rare events we check Pinker's solution and uncover some interesting characteristics of rare events.

Investigating a Claim about Joint Distributions
Suppose we have a discrete random variable X with a probability mass distribution D. Does there always exist a probability mass distribution D' for a random variable X' such that the joint probability distribution of XX' is uniform? Simulation to the rescue!